The Gospel is free - why pay for membership?

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | Views: 133

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is free - Why do we need to pay for membership?

This is a valid question. And, yes, we agree, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is free! Galilee Word Ministries main goal is not to make buckets full of money - we want to spread the Word, and that costs a bit of money in many cases.

Let's look at some examples:

We work in some poor communities, where resources are scarce. This means that many people do not even have the ability to purchase a Bible. Your contribution enables us to put some Bibles in the hands of those who cannot afford it.

To get the Gospel of Jesus Christ to remote communities, also costs money: We send our teams out when the funds are available. These funds cover the costs of the bare necessities in most cases. Many times the team members will fund their own costs for traveling and accommodation, but this is not always possible. Your contribution allows us to sponsor a member or two to reach the lost.

Also bear in mind that membership fees are used to cover some of our leadership seminars, maintaining websites and services (like this)

So, YES! The Gospel is free, but things like Bibles, fuel and accommodation are unfortunately not.

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